If you see Tara Mars on the plant floor, she is well-spoken, sharp, and a great listener. During customer phone calls, she steers conversations with ease and efficiency. As a 2- year KCF veteran, Tara Mars, Lead Sentry Analyst, listens to customer problems and fully embraces the challenges of American manufacturing. But her positive attitude for commitment to overcoming problems is not just a work quality.  In all aspects of her life, Mars is committed.

Before work, Mars swims laps at a grueling, hour-long practice led by a trainer. She understands that hard work is good work – work to be proud of. Seeing the physical results of her workout routine and healthy diet and it keeps her going. Suffering is only for an hour or two a day, and the benefits continue throughout. “I swim because it’s a low impact, full-body workout that continues burning calories throughout the day,” she says. Most importantly, working out gives Mars the confidence to power through her workday.

Her customers put trust in Mars to fight their struggles – their own suffer. Whether it be a machine on the verge of disaster or a plant manager struggling to feel heard, she embraces the challenge. “I care about American Manufacturing because it creates jobs in America, which helps the American economy and creates a higher standard of living. What you put in, you get back,” says Mars. For that 30-minute phone call or few hours on-site, she is there to work with them, joining them in the suffer. 

Mars takes her commitments seriously. She plans her workouts like a true engineer – systematic routines with full accountability. She attends group classes to make sure they happen at a set time, such as F45 resistance-based classes or her coach-led swims twice a week. On Saturdays, she makes time for a longer workout, a 30-minute run followed by an hour-long full body lifting session. A weekly routine keeps her motivated and helps her stick to her goals.

Naturally, Mars is always on alert for ways to optimize and continually improve processes. She noticed that her customers were becoming frustrated with the login process for KCF’s SmartDiagnostics software – they wanted to see data right away, not walk from the plant site to a computer. Mars turned this observation into a new product, the Operator Screen. Essentially, this is a monitor that connects right to KCF’s equipment, delivering data instantly. “Through developing these Operator Screens, she has helped a plant with challenges that they have always faced. I would bet the next time that customers boss issues them a challenge, his first phone call will be to Tara,” says Chris Helland, National Sales Manager at KCF Technologies.

At KCF, she develops customers to the point where she is not only catching failures but helping operators run equipment more efficiently and turn a greater profit. In other words, she isn’t just sticking to her goals at work, she is constantly improving them.

Taking care of yourself means that you can take care of others. “I care about my mind and body because without them both being healthy, to the best of my ability, I would be missing out on life,” says Mars. She joins her customers in the suffer with a clear head, optimizing herself to help optimize American manufacturing.

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