WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA (Oct. 1, 2019) — Recently, Suffer Nation member coordinator Nate Woodman caught up with Evan Mackrides in Washington, Pennsylvania. Evan is a district manager at FTSI, where he spends his time leading his team of seven to daily victories in the oil and energy industry. Evan is also the very first member of Suffer Nation and, according to Nate, “totally embraces everything that Suffer Nation is about.” 

After meeting Evan at his apartment complex, Nate and Evan headed to the on-site elite workout area — the perfect amenity for any Suffer Nation member. As the two took on a spin class and some weights, Evan shared about his job, life in general and what being a member of Suffer Nation is all about. 

In many ways, Evan’s mindset already fit right into Suffer Nation. He tackles problems with ease, is a natural-born leader and knows how to tell a good story. Maybe those storytelling skills stem from the good books he’s been reading — Evan let us know that one of his favorite books is “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss, a hand guide to negotiating your way through life, written by a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI. 

Evan’s first job was as a financial advisor selling insurance while he was still in college. He had a friend in the oil and gas industry who, after a wild night out, picked up the entire bar tab like it was nothing. The experience made Evan think maybe he should look into the industry for himself. And while he started at FTSI shoveling sand (or being paid to work out, as he saw it), he quickly moved into a leadership role. 

Now, Evan’s paid to be strategic. He answers directly to the company’s vice president in Texas and spend his hours managing and developing his team. But, like we said, this guy is a natural-born leader. Nate asked Evan his leadership advice and he immediately offered up some amazing words of wisdom. 

“You have to be like water, when you’re in a leadership position,” Evan noted. “Be flexible and adaptable.” As far as the seven individuals he manages, he takes each of them into consideration individually. “That’s seven different households, seven different life views and seven different ways of working. You have to be like water to work with each of them.” 

He also stressed the important of one-on-one, in-person meetings. “Meet with people in person. Make sure they receive the messages you’re trying to send them. How are they communicating that they understand you? Make sure your delivery is on point. Then, just do your job and don’t sweat the small stuff.” 

During Nate and Evan’s work out, Evan received some good news via email. When asked what was up, he just replied that, in business, he always planned for the worst and hoped for the best, and the best had just happened. 

Of course, being that this was a Suffer Nation meeting, the two had to talk workouts after actually working out themselves. Right now, Evan’s in grind mode, prepping for a marathon. Already this guy is an absolute unit, but he’s gearing up for the Oklahoma City marathon in 2020. All of the FTSI district managers (two of which are former marines!) are running the marathon, so you know Suffer Nation will be there, April 26, to support them. 

After a post-workout power lunch at Chipotle and some fantasy football discussion (Evan is an avid Eagles fan, despite living in Steeler country), Suffer Nation hooked Evan up with some gear. 

Check out the photos from Nate and Evan’s visit below. 

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